For how much longer will navy seals need parachutes?

Cloud technology and the intangibility of managing your IT landscape in today’s cyber world paves the way for the evolution of a classic help desk to become a proactive, preventative parachute. It’s there, but you never need it.

By Paul van Rensburg

No longer is there the need to cry out for help – but be on the receiving end of a fixed problem that never occurred. A parachute that never needed to be opened.

Cue in managed services.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – access to a team of experts, technology and protocols ready to solve any system issues before, during and after you need them.

You don’t really want to know about security patches, version updates and endpoint monitoring.  You’re looking for:

Speed – employees that are productive, work better together and deliver their best work

Agility – being quicker to act, more efficient, cutting costs and reducing risk

Growth – delivering to your customers and growing your business

With managed services translating into tangible speed, agility and growth, the value becomes clear and the benefits to your company, critical.

XContent’s managed services offerings are built on 17 years of experience with protocols that continually, proactively monitor and adjust your IT systems to ensure that things do not go wrong in the first place. Intelligent systems are enable working on fixes behind the scenes to ensure you remain productive, without ever knowing there could have been a parachute moment.

Inspired technology.  Inspired innovation.

You’ll know it when you see it.


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