Never just the same old same old

As our financial year ends, we would like to thank you, our customer, for your support during the past 12 months.  It’s been an exciting year, but we can’t but feel even more excited about what’s to come.

Look out for:

  • Microsoft’s launch of 2 new data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • SharePoint 2019
  • Exchange 2019
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Office 2019

This means that we can look forward to another great year in the cloud! With the local data centres coming online, South Africans will experience cloud like never before – things are about to get real!

With all these changes on the horizon and XContent’s ongoing efforts to change, disrupt and better the way cloud consumption services are delivered, we are excited to announce the following new offerings:

  • We have dropped our pricing on Microsoft and all other products, mainly through using better ways to handle exchange rate fluctuations.
  • We are keeping our pricing stable with a promise that we do our outmost not to change prices more than twice a year.
  • We will now also look at the nett effect of the exchange rate every quarter, and if we find the cover rate has resulted in a higher charge, we will pass on the cost savings to you via a credit on your invoice. But we will never add for any shortfalls. That’s right – a deal with only upside to our customers. No downside, no catch.
  • We have added a number of value adds to our bag of tricks to provide you a better level of support – 24/7.  Our new customer portal helps you access all information in your dealings with us, including, but not limited to:
    • Current support tickets you have open
    • All proposals and quotes received
    • Access to our knowledge base and live chat
    • A management portal for your Office 365 licenses with the ability to add and remove as needed
    • Access to your invoices and coming soon the ability to pay these online.
  • Managed Services enhancements with added capability to monitor and remotely manage all endpoints, servers and workstations.
  • Our Cloud Application Virtualisation product, XCFrontier, is now live at a number of customers sites – both in the cloud and on-premise.  Look out for a number of exciting new features in the coming months.

We still have our core capabilities and offerings available – these you have become accustomed to over the years. We are still delivering those, only better.

We look forward to walking the journey together in the coming 12 months.


The XContent Team

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